Agile cocktails helps organizations to anticipate and respond to change in an agile way (which means: flexible and quick).

We do this by mixing different concepts, practices and techniques from Agile Management, Design Thinking, Gamestorming, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Visualization, Gamification and SeriousPlay.

Depending on the needs for you and your organization, we’ll mix some of the most suitable ingredients into a format of choice.

Some ideas of how could we help you:

  • Help you rejuvenate your company culture
  • Make room for continuous improvement
  • Model or envision (new) features
  • Improve team communication and collaboration
  • Generate new business models
  • Provide a fail safe environment
  • Move forward by looking back: habit of retrospectives
  • Spark innovation to fit future demands
  • ….

Do you want to talk, see, play or experience these concepts, tools, methods and techniques, … let’s get in touch and find out what your favorite cocktail will taste like!

Kind regards,
Kitty Iding

– owner of Agile Cocktails –

ps. It would be great if you could challenge or inspire us to do something completely different!