The solutions to your problems are not identical to my solutions, or as your competitor’s or your partner’s.
But there are similarities between the areas you’re dealing with.


That’s why Agile Cocktails’ first aim is to understand your problem and to identify us with the challenges you’re dealing with, to come up with a way of helping you tackle them.


As we see it, the challenges lie in the overlapping of the bubbles in the image on the right.

Challenge Areas

Some examples of “ready to serve” cocktails:


Frozen failure

5 cl Lean startup principles

5 cl Design thinking

9 cl Serious Play in action

slice of lime as garnish


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and provide a fail-safe environment to embrace new ventures.

Serving suggestion: Workshop format (0,5 day)


Manhattan Modeling
4,5 cl Business Model Canvas

2 cl Impact/Effort Matrix

dash of Next Steps

cherry as garnish


Ideal for process- or functional innovation, to identify opportunities and find out if viability and feasibility are balanced.

Serving suggestion: Workshop format (1 day)


Raspberry Retro

3 cl What went well

3 cl What went wrong

3 cl Action plan
punched raspberry as garnish


Move forward by looking back. Various depths depending on issues at hand.

Serving suggestion: Facilitation format (0,25 day each)


Virginia Visualizer

3 cl Visualization exercices

3 cl Structural Mapping

3 cl Fun

dash of angustura bitter


Improves collaboration and shared understanding in any of the areas.

Serving suggestion: Workshop format (0,5 day)




Chocolate Covered Coaching
12 cl Agile practices

6 cl Team communication

3 cl Gamestorming


Guide you and your teams on your path to ultimate agility.

Serving suggestion: Coaching format (to be discussed)



or we could mix your favorite ingredients to suit your wishes


Please feel free just to ask us what we can do to help you, or how to get in touch